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here have this awkward photo of me while I message people who are still following me because bless them I haven’t posted anything in months
In the Shadow (by David Butali)
chancellor evening (by go wild - NZ outside)
Peak Tram (Hong Kong) (by Emma Fok)
Munnar, India (by davе)
Μετέωρα (in the heavens above) (by songallery)
flying (by Zanthia)
Field lane (by Fiduz)
Acquerelli delle langhe * watercolors of langhe (by Anteriorechiuso Santi Diego)
The Hall Of The Mountain King (by Ars Silentium)
Yamdrok Yutso the Turquoise colored Lake . Tibet (by reurinkjan)
Dos viejas (by inaxiotejerina)
The House of the Setting Sun Revisited (by RobK1964)
Lands End, Cornwall (by midlander1231)